1.1 Preface

Forging Online Education through FIRE (FORGE) is a project bringing the FIRE and eLearning worlds together. FORGE will align FIRE (Future Internet Research and Experimentation) with the ongoing education revolution. FORGE is an FP7 funded project http://www.ict-forge.eu/ . FORGE’s major objective is to create processes, methods and tools and provide an ecosystem for introducing the eLearning community to the FIRE experimental facilities and promote the concept of experimentally driven research in education. Pilot courses have been defined (in the scope of WP5) and will be used as an interactive learning and training channels for both students and professionals by raising the accessibility and usability of FIRE facilities.

FORGE focuses on defining: generic concepts around courses, initial details about widgets and FIRE adapters and an overall architectural solution called FORGEBox. FORGEBox will be an aggregation of services able to support all FORGE concepts and requirements, learning widgets, FIRE adapters and solve most of our identified challenges. FORGEBox will be delivered as a middleware solution, deployed into institutions executing courses or into a Cloud infrastructure, bridging the interfaces between learning means and FIRE tools and facilities. FORGE also defines the architecture of common repositories of courses, widgets and FIRE adaptations and how our FORGEBox solution interoperated with all these aspects. All the above concepts are presented and discussed in this deliverable.

FORGE has to provide some technologies to cover the whole lifecycle of remote experimentation on FIRE facilities to learners. Widgets have been conceived as the means to present tools and infrastructure access in a more friendly way, via web tools independent of the underlying platform. FIRE Adapters will try to wrap and adapt FIRE APIs to a set of common tools (scripts, libraries) used by these widgets. Therefore an environment (in terms of middleware) could be provided in order to host widgets, FIRE Adapters and any tools and utilities that will ease the proposed FORGE process. This architectural approach is called FORGEBox.

November 5, 2015