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ssh2web widget, for forgebox project

Chapter 3. Using SSH2web service GettingStarted

Table of Contents

Installing SSH2web service
Running SSH2web service

You can use SSH2web service in many different ways, ranging from embedding Jetty in applications, launching it from different build systems, from different JVM-based languages, or as a standalone distribution. This guide covers the latter, a standalone distribution suitable for deploying web applications.

Installing SSH2web service

Downloading the SSH2web service Distribution

The standalone SSH2web service distribution is available for download from the FORGEBox website:

It is available in multiple formats; download the one most appropriate for your system. When you download and unpack the binary, it is extracted into a directory called distribution-VERSION.

Installing debian package

Download ssh2web-1.02.deb and install it:

Due to some packaging problems after installation you need to change two files:

Start service:

Open the browser and type: (or the location of your server). To login as administrator, type username=admin, password=changeme

Distribution Content

A quick rundown of the distribution's contents follows. The top-level directory contains:

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