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Learn by experimenting on real hardware!

Interactive Courses with Real Infrastructures! Access, create and share interactive courses with widgets accessing real infrastructures and resources available from FIRE testbeds across Europe!


Featured Open courses

Hardware Security

by University of Patras

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In this chapter we will interactively investigate OFDM concepts in radio communication

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Learning Analytics in FORGE

by The Open University


This course introduces Learning Analytics and describes the approach adopted for the deployment of Learning Analytics in the FORGE project. Additionally, the code of use of Learning Analytics within FORGE is presented.

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Wireless LAN Throughput

by iMinds - Ghent University


In this lab we'll investigate the different Wi-Fi settings and features which impact the throughput in a WLAN hotspot network.

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Featured courses for FORGEBox users

DASH streaming over wireless HetNets

by University of Thessaly


The DASH protocol is utilized for video streaming over a heterogeneous wireless network leveraging on the LTE and WiFi technologies.

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by Piraeus University of Applied Sciences


Dynamic and Static Internet Routing Excercises. The current course is an introduction to the fundamentals of IP addressing and routing. More specific, the IP addressing and the subnetting topics are examined in details. Furthermore, the two routing t

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Analytics over IoT data streams

by University of Ioannina


The IoTSTREAMS course provides a hands-on introduction to a methodology for performing basic analytics over data streams originating from Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

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2nd year 2016 section a

by University of Patras


2nd year 2016 section a

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What is FIRE?

Future Internet Research and Experimentation = FIRE

There is an increasing demand from both academic and industrial communities to bridge the gap between visionary research and large-scale experimentation, through experimentally-driven advanced research consisting of iterative cycles of research, design and experimentation of new networking and service architectures and paradigms addressing all levels, including horizontal research on issues such as system complexity and security. See more at http://www.ict-fire.eu